October 3, 2012


Welcome to our blog!

To start things off, we're a small group (currently 2 active members and a tentative music producer for sound tracks and effects) oh and have some links Alex's DeviantArt

When we both come to the realization that we would both love to start coding and creating a game, we got started almost right away.

This is going to be along the lines of a dev blog, where we would be keeping anyone who will be reading this blog informed on where we are in this project :)

on that note, i would like to highlight the fact that we are in the very beginning of our game. We are currently deciding wether or not to create our own engine.

We have quite a bit of concept art and a rough story line.

The game will be along the lines of a 2.5D RPG game, with a turn based battle system. why 2.5? we dont want to have a basic side scrolling game, but we dont want to opt out for the complexity of a 3d game. with a 2.5d we are avoiding the isometric shenanigans we would deal with in a 3d engine.

Finding an engine with what we are looking for would be tedious in itself, and finding an engine that is update would be even harder. On top of using a opensource engine, we would need to re write some lines so it would fit, basically said... too much work for little to no results

Writing our own engine will be quite the task with very little knowledge of C++ or C# language.


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