October 15, 2012

Update #4

Time for my update of the week. Taking all into consideration, we all can agree here that the programming side of it all is the most interesting :). Art is borring, Amirite?

Anyways, back onto subject. The project is moving along a lot slower on my side of things. My schedule is pretty full as is with my senior year of highschool. Alongside the game, i have many other projects i am currently trying to accomplish.

To put this in retrospect, let's just say, i have a lot of projects on my plate and im slowly picking away at all of them simultaneously.... slooowwwwwwwwly. Apart form everything, school remains my utmost important matter right now.

To make things more complicated, i am also self teaching myself C# & XNA, which has proven to be quite difficult at times. I find it hard to pace myself between parts of coding i do understand and the parts i don't. Everything would be a lot easier if i would just simply copy + paste someone else's code.

None the less, this is going to be quite a fufilling project and i very excited for it to be completed. The time i have to myself is already limited. Objectively speaking, i could have gotten a lot more done if i spent every free minute of my day planning and coding, but seeing as i still want time for myself, this isnt exactly reality.

There are two possible solutions to this.

1. work as much as i can on the game while i am on break from school (long weekends, christmas break, ect.)
2. Figure out a way so i would no longer require sleep, therefore gaining at least 8 hours a day to work on the.

Since the latter is quite impossible, i believe this is going to be done during my breaks. (with the aid of many energy drinks)

Aside from my procrastination and attempt to get sympathy, all is moving along in early game dev, planning for the game's story line is almost fleshed out and we have rough ideas of what concepts and UI we want and do not want in the game.

Until next week!


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