October 12, 2012

Update #3 - Blog Upkeep

Following up. Brandon and I are going to be posting twice a week, once about Brandon's side of things, and once about my side of things. My posts being on Friday, and Brandon's being on Monday.

Design choices have to be made. Ignore nothing, and never take for granted. I am talking about saving problems some turn-based RPG's have adapted. We have some initial decisions that have to be made to fix this, before we start designing levels. I did some brainstorming on the saving choices we could have. Not finalized but you can expect something (hopefully) not annoying.

I am having a hard time finding the art direction I want for the sprites. Whether to go more realistic like Diablo, or have that kinda simplified version you get from older Final Fantasy games - I am going to wait until Brandon has some textures laid down before I jump into making a decision.

Also, here is some concept art for a more magical creature in our game. No name yet, but we are working on that. It is broken up into three layers. The monster itself, the crystals, and the aura surrounding said crystals.
I'm not sure how much concept art I want to be showing, but for the sake of getting people behind the project, I think I might have a creature or monster of each species posted over the course of the development. - Alex

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