October 30, 2012

Update #6

My weekly update is a day late, hope you guys dont mind too much :P

well... as i previously stated... school is my upmost highest priority, Alex was in edmonton last weekend, selling art and shenanigans at the con. I was applying for early admission at the university of Alberta...

School and studies have been really stressful lately and i haven't had much time for myself, let alone working on the game.

I'm still progressively working on C# and XNA... but things are moving along slowly. There isn't much to show at this moment except for code... that doesn't do much.

The whole technical side of the game will be long behind the art side. I am also working on the story and the characters in the game, I can say that part is moving along quite well,

There may be a epilogue of some sorts coming your way :)

Anyways, that's all i have to say for now :3


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