October 28, 2012

Another update

Alex here. Things got a bit wild on my part.Comic Expo in Calgary, as well as a few events all night, and inventory at work. But I'm here again to give an update.

I'll try to stick to the update schedule, but that might be harder than imagined, but regardless, I think it's do-able if I keep focused.

Not a lot has changed since our last update. A few ideas added. I counted the amount of different enemies that will be in the game, roughly. I could have overshot, or undershot. But it will be around 1500. That includes variations of one type, and different tiers of each. So I do have a loooot of work ahead of me, but that's al-right. I love to paint :3

Speaking of painting, i'll release yet another type of enemy art into the public's hands.
I'll probably work on it more, But for right now the idea is there.

The demon worshippers will be found throughout the flatlands, with camps, and secret sacrifices being made in the middle of the night, etc...

I hope you enjoy this update, and I apologize for not having an update prior.


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